Webleed Design is the portfolio site of Bryan Katzel. As a professional designer, Bryan's world revolves around all things "print". His work includes package design, illustration, branding, toy, poster and advertising.

Bryan holds a creative position focusing on design and developement for the toy & game market. The position has opened his eyes to package design and the retail toy market.

Here are a few things you might catch Bryan doing: Learning CSS, drawing, dreaming of pirates & magicians, sneaking a Reese's Big Cup, drooling over the work of Paul Rand, Mary Blair & Jim Flora.

All about Bryan here

This is the portfolio site of Bryan Katzel. At this very moment, Bryan is locked away on the 2nd floor of his home in Sycamore, Illinois. He designs and draws and dreams and would love to meet you.

Focusing on the architecture of perception, my work generates intriguing, imaginative materials that "make an appearance" on behalf of my clients. Below is an online sampling of my design for print.

The web is an ever evolving animal that I am constantly attempting to tame. Communication design is a primary focus when I design for the web, making sure all the newest "bells and whistles" do not disguise a client's product message. Below is a sampling of my design for the web.

I've set a reservation in this area for any upcoming whims, bursts of enlightenment or mistakes I may produce that don't happen to fall under the category of "professional". In other words, This is where I play and this is my art.

There was a place in the distant future that no longer exists. Formed years ago, during the Age of Wonder, this world now known only as the Deterred Dream was once a healthy ecosystem capable of sustaining balance and fertility. The time span that encompasses the first generation of Despair Blankets through the coming of the final abyss is called the Eschatological Period. Little is known of the final years that led up to this world's self-destruction and our research is yet to determine the catalyst. Any artifacts and documentation pertaining to the Eschatological period should be handled with the highest regard for not only enlightenment but also personal safety.

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